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“黃金的故事還沒有結束”:股市上漲並不意味著投資者忘記了他們的恐懼-RBC Capital Markets “黃金的故事還沒有結束”:股市上漲並不意味著投資者忘記了他們的恐懼-RBC Capital Markets
“黃金的故事還沒有結束”:股市上漲並不意味著投資者忘記了他們的恐懼-RBC Capital Markets
Anna Golubova 
Monday November 16, 2020 12:23

A rally in the stock market does not mean investors have forgotten their fear, which is why "gold's story is not over yet," according to a report by RBC Capital Markets.
"After a precipitous vaccine news-driven decline, gold's current price levels still leave unanswered questions," RBC's commodity strategists wrote last week. "Despite seemingly buoyant markets, we do not think that investors have forgotten their fear; thus gold's story is not yet over amid ongoing the economic, financial and political uncertainty.
加拿大皇家銀行的商品策略師在上週寫道:“在疫苗新聞驅動的急劇下跌之後,黃金的當前價格水平仍然沒有得到解答。” “儘管市場看似活躍,但我們認為投資者並未忘記他們的擔憂;因此,在持續的經濟,金融和政治不確定性的情況下,黃金的故事尚未結束。
Vaccine news does not automatically fix the economic downturn the U.S. has seen this year. It does not solve all the other problems, including inflation and unemployment, the report noted.
"2020 has been a year of uncertainty, underscored by a pandemic, an economic crisis, heightened political tensions, and a confluence of gold-positive drivers. While we may have seen a reset of sorts in gold's valuation, its path is not predetermined as we barrel towards 2021," the strategists said.
“ 2020年是充滿不確定性的一年,大流行,經濟危機,政治緊張局勢加劇以及金價上漲的推動因素共同凸顯了這一點。儘管我們可能已經看到金價的各種重置,但其路徑尚不確定,我們將向2021年邁進。”策略分析學家說。
Last Monday, Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine news saw gold prices tumble $100, followed by step-by-step recovery. This Monday, Moderna's vaccine news also sent gold sown more than $25. But this time around, losses were very quickly recovered.
上週一,輝瑞/ BioNTech疫苗新聞稱金價暴跌了100美元,隨後逐步回升。本週一,Moderna的疫苗新聞也播種了黃金25美元下跌。但是這次,損失很快得到了回彈。
At the time of writing, December Comex gold futures were trading at $1,891.00, up 0.25% on the day.
Gold's drop last week represented "a reset of gold-related pandemic expectations, a repricing of stimulus expectations by gold investors, a realignment of inflation fears, and a shift in mindset around post-election political uncertainty," RBC strategists pointed out.
But this reset does not mean gold's moves higher are over, they added.
"Gold's story is not over yet in our view, even if there is a perceived 'light at the end of the tunnel.' While perhaps a near-term overcorrection, this reset may have helped gold find a new equilibrium," the strategists wrote. "Yet even after the first vaccine shipments, there will still be distribution and uptake challenges. Thus the health crisis will not come to an immediate close."
“在我們看來,黃金的故事還沒有結束,即使在隧道盡頭有一個預期的'光明'。儘管可能是近期的過度修正,但這種重新設置可能有助於黃金找到新的平衡。” “然而,即使在第一批疫苗出廠後,仍然存在分發和吸收方面的挑戰。因此,疫情危機不會立即結束。”

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